Little Mountain Ministry camp Oklahoma

We had an incredible week!

Little Mountain Ministry Camp Oklahoma was held at Eastside church of Christ. We are extemely grateful for the hospitality of the congregation there! If you are interested in attending next year please keep an eye out for information to be released. We look forward to another incredible opportunity! 

Little Mountain Ministry Camp

Little Mountain Ministry Camp exists to help men 11 and up to further there talents in ministry. Every man has a different talent, God made you to reach those you come in contact with. If you work in a factory, police department, or landscape how can you reach the lost more effectively. Maybe your an elder, preacher, or deacon, how can you further your abilities and help the kingdom while growing yourself? At camp, we will work together to answer these questions. We will also take on some of the most difficult subjects the church is facing today. How do we overcome this generational divide? What should my life look like after retirement? How do you keep your faith through school? What does God define "love" as? If you are interested in camp there is good news! Its FREE! Space is limited so register today! 

Looking forward to 2024?

Registration is open for year 2 in Oklahoma!