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If you would like to help this ministry help others, please scan the QR code or follow this link to our PayPal. https://www.paypal.com/donate/... . There are options to give one time, monthly, or yearly. Your support will help us to share the gospel through the different efforts we make. To God be the glory, thank you for your prayers and support. 

Little Mountain Ministry Camp

GOOD NEWS!! The Little Mountain Ministry Camp Gospel Meeting is now available on our YouTube channel! www.youtube.com/@1615ministries

Be sure to like and subscribe to the channel for more videos! We have multiple spots open for our Little Mountain Ministry Camp in Oklahoma! If you are interested in going, the first 14 east of the Mississippi to sign up can meet in north Alabama for free transportation to Oklahoma and back. Sign up quickly!

Little Mountain Ministry Camp Oklahoma : OPEN




What is 16:15 Ministries?

16:15 Ministries is an effort within the church to help use all our talents to spread the gospel. We do this through evangelistic disaster relief, training in evangelism during week long camps, encouragement of the church through conferences, teaching in gospel meetings, and many other resources throughout the year.

Little Mountain Ministry Camp and Camp Moriah

These camps are designed to train men and women in evangelistic efforts according to the roles God has given us, as well as forming plans to overcome the temptations that we will face along the way. There are currently 2 weeks of the mens camp, one in Tennessee and one in Oklahoma, and one week of the ladies Camp Moriah in Tennessee. These camps are completely free to attend and open to all ages. Click the link to find out more about these camps or to register.

Project Unify

Project Unify is an evangelistic effort of the church to use every talent we have to reach the lost. We work local, and when storms arise we take those talents to disaster struck areas to not only serve, but most importantly evangelize. We work with congregations to add their talents to the effort, to financially support the work, and to help spread the word for more congregations to come work together in this kingdom minded effort. Click the link to find out more.


The THRIVE Conference is held each year in Decatur Alabama; its purpose is to encourage the brethren, teach challenging topics to better equip the church for everyday challenges, and to motivate the church to action. THRIVE was started to bring awareness and support to the Little Mountain Ministry Camp. To find out more, click the link.

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